jQuery Smooth Div Scroll by Thomas Kahn

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Basic demo

If you are uncertain about how to start implementing Smooth Div Scroll, I've created a basic, bare-bones demo that you can look at. This demo contains only the minimum code required to get a working scroller. All other page elements have been removed. This demo opens up in a new window so you can view the source and copy/paste the stuff you need. The demo will look somehting like this:

Screenshot of the demo displayed in Mozilla Firefox

Since the basic demo has no custom options, there's no auto scrolling and no visible hotspots. In the CSS on the page I've set the width of the scroller to 100% which means it will fill the entire browser window since its the only content on the page. View the source of that page if you are interested in how Smooth Div Scroll is implemented. If you want to start testing some of the options, you'll find them all listed here.

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