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Help and support

I receive a lot of emails from friendly users all over the World asking me questions about Smooth Div Scroll. Don't get me wrong - I really appreciate getting mail! There's just one problem: working full time as a web developer I simply don't have the time to provide support and help everyone with site specific questions. I'm not a bad person ignoring you.

Stack Overflow

Up until march 2012 there was a Google group called "jQuery Smooth Div Scroll" where users could assist one another with the plugin. This worked okay, but was not optimal. I wanted a better interface where you could markup code, handle comments, vote for good answers and so on. Stack Overflow has all this and more! Therefore the Google Group has been closed and I now refer to Stack Overflow if you need help with Smooth Div Scroll. If you can, tag your questions with smooth-scrolling and jQuery to make it easier for other users (and me) to find your questions. My user name on Stack Overflow is tkahn and you'll find my profile page here.


If you think you have found a bug, you can report it on Smooth Div Scroll's GitHub page. Please note that the main purpose of the GitHub page is debugging and evolving the core code in Smooth Div Scroll - not a general support page. Oh, and please submit any suggestions for improvements as well! This has been a major force behind the evolution of Smooth Div Scroll.


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The newsletter is hosted by MailChimp and I'm the only person who can see and send emails to your email address. If you don't feel like subscribing anymore, there are online forms and links in the newsletter that let's you unsubscribe or update your email address.

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