jQuery Smooth Div Scroll by Thomas Kahn

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Nice sites that use Smooth Div Scroll

Here are a few examples of sites that use Smooth Div Scroll. Look at them for inspiration and ideas! If your site makes use of Smooth Div Scroll in a creative way or is really nice looking, send me an email with the URL and I might add a link to this page!

Creative Heroes - Cool custom cursors and a nice effect where content fades in and out at the edges of the screen. Really clean looking site!

Pos Creative Media - A modern looking site that have taken advantage of the possibility to create custom hotspots. One is transparent and the other is animated to call the user's attention to the scrolling function.

Mollie Pritchett Photography - This is the portfolio site of photographer Mollie Pritchett. She has made the scrolling hotspots quite large which gives the user greater control over the scrolling speed.

The Pale - The Pale is an online graphic novel where Smooth Div Scroll is used to scroll seamlessly from frame to frame. The Pale is written and illustrated by Cody Coltharp.

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